Do You Have a Hit List?

In software development life cycle this is a common scenario that the tester gets less time than the anticipation. And when he goes to execute test runs then he finds a very big gap between time and test cases. He blames the shortage time.

But devising a technique he can overcome much of the ‘time limitation’ problem. If he has a list with some key points that does not require writing down in test cases and without altering the keys he can apply much of the points in any situation and in any type of application, then of course it will save time to find/identify bugs. I call this list as a Hit List.

Basically the Hit List will have two types of contents. One is Context dependent key points and another is context independent key points.

Context dependent key points: Basically these key points remain unchanged throughout the application, points are identified through testing experiences on the application.  Example: Fixed format of Price, Acc No, Title, frequent occurrence of critical bug,…, etc.

If your are keen to grab these type of points then you can easily apply these to your testing software very quickly.

Context independent key points: These points that do not depend on your testing software. Example: data type conversion/overflow error, rounding/truncating problem of number/string/character.. data types, entering special characters to input fields, unplug network connection, read/write file accessing error, …,etc. You can identify same type of more points for your Hit List.

When you have identified the key points then you can apply these to your testing software/application very quickly. Depending on how fast you have access on the points, it will save much of your testing time.

Now the question where you will save your Hit List? The best position is to keep it in your mind. If the List grow enough or you are confused recalling them in time, then you can save these to writing documents like notepad, wordpad,..,etc.

On July 28, 2009 I had a presentation on it. You can find more from here(

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