Really Software Testing is Not Inevitable and Never Complete

It is not new or I need not to prove it again that Testing is not Inevitable and Never Complete. But last month I had an experience from where again I have concluded that really Testing is not Inevitable and Never Complete. I’m sharing the experience here.

It was the day when we planned to ship a pilot release. According to our plan we were testing the product and on the final day and final moment we were not getting any bug from the product. Our SQA manager asked me whether there were any findings or we would ship the product. I told him that the product seemed to be stable, and we were ready for the release. I requested few minutes from him just for an overview of the product.

In the last moment I found a bug that was not a bug to me until a new feature was implemented in this new release. I reported the bug in the issue tracker and manually informed our SQA manager. Our SQA manager took it and instantly went to the Project Manager room. While the bug was fixing then I found another bug and before reporting it to the issue tracker I went to the Project Manager room and notify it to both SQA manager and PM.

Within a very short time the bugs were fixed and again we were testing the product. After finding those bugs some exploratory thinking came to my mind that I could find more bugs in the same area. Alas! I was true! I found another new bug that wasn’t a bug to me until I reported those bugs and started thinking about those bugs. In that day we found another three/four bugs in the same area. So a total of 6/7 bugs were found and that was within a very short time. The moment was really very exciting. We found a bug and PM fixed it and again we found a new bug and PM fixed it…. Once a time our PM told us that really it was interesting. It was like ACM Programming contest.

Form this experience, I found how Software Testing is challenging and how unpredictable is it! While a minute ago I was thinking there was no bug in the product there we fond so many bugs within very short time.  The software testing seems me like Unpredictable Test Cricket. Look at the score of 2nd Innings of 2nd Test Match 2010 between Bangladesh and India. Once a time Bangladesh were 290 for 3 and the innings came last to 312 for 10.  7 wickets gone for only 22 runs. Can you believe it?

That is why all we say Really Software Testing in Not Inevitable and Never Complete.


3 thoughts on “Really Software Testing is Not Inevitable and Never Complete

  1. I am glad you are writing on your testing experience. I think I understand the theme of your post. However I think you didn’t mean what the phrase “Testing is not inevitable” suggests. Either that or I didn’t understand what you were trying to say with that phrase 🙂

    I am eager to read more of your posts on your testing challenges and what you learned from it.

    • Thanks Sajjad bhai for your comment. I’m always inspired by your comment..

      Actually by the phrase ‘Testing is not inevitable’ I mean that ‘the result or outcome of testing’ or ‘appearance of flaws during testing’ isn’t predictable. Many times we start testing assuming that perhaps there won’t be many flaws or at least there won’t be no major flaw in the application. But in a time when we find any flaw in the application then it opens a way to re-think about the application. It forces us to change our testing style a bit. We change our testing style and eventually appearance of one flaws in the application shows us may ways to uncover many other flaws in the application

  2. That just goes to show that bugs are a matter of perspective. It has to do with how we think about the problem. Also, we in the software testing business seem to be too addicted to test repeatability. But you seem to be doing great.

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