Take Care of Your Alternative Email!

Alternative email ID is an easy way of retrieving forgotten password. Many of us use this feature in many applications. To use this feature we use two email IDs. Basically one email ID is for prime usages and another(the alternative email ID) is for retrieving the forgotten password of the prime email ID.

Since the usages of prime email ID are very frequent, therefore we take care of the ID and it’s password regularly. BUT have you thought about your secondary email ID? If the password of this ID is weak then it may cost you harmfully! If someone knows this ID’s password then you will loose everything! At first he will retrieve the password of your prime email ID [basically email IDs are public] and then … everything!

So beware about your secondary or alternative email ID and password. For security purposes you can use some unconventional secondary email ID[so that someone gets difficulty to know the ID] and of course a strong password. Those who use more than two email IDs should also be concerned about the passwords.


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