I’m Maftahur Rahman who is a very simple and ordinary man. I’m Bangladeshi and like to live here in simplicity. The city Rajshahi is my sweet home town. By religion I’m a muslim practitioner and by profession I’m a software engineer.

In my profession, I’ve have been here since 2006. Working and learning new technologies is my passion. Writing and reading technical blogs is my hobby. In my career I’ve been touched with .NET/WPF/ASP.NET/DevExpress, PHP/Wordpress/PhpBB/Lithium, MVC/MVVM, Javascript/jQuery/ExtJS/InfragisticsUI, CSS2/CSS3/HTML4/HTML5, MS SQL Server, MySQL, pgSQL, SQLite, MS Access,  Facebook/Twitter/XERO/SocialText/CrossKnowledge APIs etc  technologies.

Currently I’m holding the position of CTO @coderoller and also doing freelance software development. Earlier I was in Enosis Solutions as Senior SQA Engineer.

I’ve taken bachelor degree in Computer Science & Engineering from the Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh.

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